Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Waterclour Begins and ................ Ends (in no time)

still life with fruits
I don't remember exactly when, but it was sometime during September/October of 2008 when I suddenly got a spark to start doing watercolors. I came across the works of a lot of watercolor artists on the inter net and I was literally thrilled and excited. So in natural course of action I had procured watercolor equipments in no time.
landscape with hut
But all my excitement came to an end very soon. The first painting that I did was that of a simple arrangement of fruits on our dining table and it was a disaster. But considering the fact it was my first painting I went forward and did my second painting from a reference photo and it was a bigger disaster as you can see. The third was the biggest disaster of them all. So I decided not to do watercolours again.

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sreenivasa ram makineedi said...

hahaha. so much of disaster behind your watercolors.:)