Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another Rocky painting

Old fort door at Delhi
This is one of the obscured doors of the old quilla (fort) in Delhi. Yet another 'rocky' painting after 'mystic Udaygiri'.


Shashank said...

I liked all your paintings but chose to comment on this one as this is very significant considereing what happened in the last 3-4 months. First of all this is a 'Rock'y' painting :-) and thus is significant . Also , this shows a door, But whether its closed or is going to open depends on how one percieves it.

For you am sure its on the verge of a grand opening!! So all the best! You are a natural!

prabhat said...

wow!!! that's expression suggest how ecstasy I felt after seeing your collection. Hands off to you and your painting :)

spoonbill said...

mast!! really gud work. the choice of colors is awesome!! never knew watercolors can be so exciting and vivacious.
keep it up .

Prabal said...

Thanks everyone. Spoonbill??? Guess its Anu.