Monday, November 30, 2009

Goa series II - View from Aguada

view from fort Aguada - watercolor
Fort Aguada is one of the more famous tourists spots in Goa. Its on a small hill and it probably used to be a jail in old times. One can get a bird's eye view of the vast expanse of Arabian sea dotted with steamers and boats from here. This view is from one corner of the fort.


Sishir said...

It seems there's lot to inspire, out there. I like the view.

Prabal said...

YOu must go to Goa.... It is really a beautiful place. NOt only visually, but also at a psychological level.

Anonymous said...

I remember this place, it was hot and sunny and uncomfortable :D

I like the clouds .. except where it starts to look like smoke from the chimney :D

whats the red in the foreground ? :-s


Prabal said...


There were a lot of trees in the small hill. But from where the photo was taken parts of the ground was also visible. SO the reds are actualy a suggestion of the visible ground among the green cover.

I just noticed the chimney effect. A bad accident.

Vijay said...

Hi nice one, Aguada Fort is my favorite place .
i had done couple of paintings of lighthouse on this fort ,