Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Full on

the pond - watercolor on paperTitle - The pond
Size - 29 inch x 22 inch
Medium - watercolor on paper

This is my first full sheet painting. Have been planning to do one for a long time and finally yesterday I did this. The whole sheet was difficult to manage, but it was fun as I was able to give full full length brush strokes.


Vinayak said...

Lovely work Prabal. Nice fresh and pleasant clolours.

Ramesh Jhawar said...

I like the wash you gave for the pond! Only thing is... the painting becomes very heavy after framing and requires greater handling care!

Prabal said...

Vinayak and Ramesh,
Thanks for you appreciation.

I really did not think of the framing part. Right now I am facing a bigger issue. I do not have anything big enough to store it. I do not roll my sheets. So currently it is under my bed, which is possibly the worst place to keep a painting. have to find way out.

pc said...

Full on !
liked the title as much as the painting :) . it's come out really fresh..
So did you buy a big board or mounted the sheet on the door for painting ? :)

Prabal said...

Thanks. I got tired of looking for a big board. I had gone to buy MDF, but they told me I had to buy the whole sheet which was like some 8x6 ft. So I did it on a table with two of its legs slightly elevated.