Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daringbadi Day

Title - Daringbadi Day
Size - 15 x 22 inch
Medium - Watercolor on paper
Photo by - Satyesh Naik

Once again my friend posted a nice write up in his blog with some great photographs and I was inspired again. The place is Daringbadi in western Odisha. This is the only place in Odisha that receives some kind of snowfall during winter. The people here live from and with the forest. This is a typical setup for a house whereby it would stand in the middle of a field near a Sal or a mango tree. Pumpkins are generally grown on the roof of the house while papaya is grown just outside the house. Such great eco-friendly living.


Studio at the Farm said...

Interesting post, Prabal, and your painting made me smile.Thank you.

Frank said...

Great work Prabal, I like the eucalytus tree on the right. Wouldn't it be nice to see the pumpkins growing on the roof?

Pat said...

Love everything about this painting.
Beautifully done, Prabal xx

Prabal said...

ST@TF and Pat,
I am glad you liked the painting. Thank you for your comment.

You see the pumpkin creepers have just started creeping up the fence in front of the house. Soon they would reach the roof too. But for that you have to wait for a few months. LOL..
Anyway the red of the roof was forming a good focal point and I did not want to disturb that red in any way.

Jane said...

Your paintings always have such an incredible light, and this one is no exception, beautiful ,sunny and friendly.

Prabal said...

Thanks Jane.