Saturday, March 5, 2011

Come with me

Title - Come with me
Size - 16 x 22 inch
Medium - Watercolor on paper

Hear my cries, hear my call
Lend me your ears, see my fall
See my errors, know my faults
Time halts, see my loss

Come with me


Ramesh Jhawar said...

Beautiful! Love the calm and peaceful mood created here :)
Whats this paper 16x22" ?

Studio at the Farm said...

Beautiful, Prabal, and so is the poem!!

Michelle Smith said...

Beautiful, Prabal! So serene.

Pat said...

Very peaceful scene.. but also makes me wonder.. "who threw the pebble?"
Gorgeous painting and lovely poem xx

Arti said...

Very poetic atmosphere,here:)
Love the tree leaves and the ripples in the lake...

gugun said...

how perfect are the ripples ? more so where there's the reflection of the trees on the nearer bank. too good !

very nice work on the foilage as well, esp on the foreground..

beautiful. what was the reference for this painting ? were the land/boat violet/dark blue in that ?

rajan panse said...

yes .... time halts with your paintings

Sandra said...

This is wonderful Prabal! I love the way that the foreground tree frames the background bushes and that the picture tells a story - I like that in a painting :0)

Dipti said...

Beautiful painting. Love the waves, boat n tree..

Prabal said...

Thank you. paper size is 16 x 22 inch cut from a full sheet of 30 x 22 inch.

The poem is actually taken from a song 'Come with me' by Jimmy page and Puff daddy. :)

Prabal said...

Michelle, Arti,
Thank you for your kind comment..

No points for guessing who threw the pebble. :)

Prabal said...

The reference for this painting is a photo that I had taken at a place called Ranganthittu. Its a bird sanctuary about 120 odd kms from Bangalore.
And coming to the color of the land and boat. It was different in the photo. I have just painted these according to my color scheme.

Prabal said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment for me.

I love your observation. That is what I thought the foreground tree will act like in the painting.

Thank you for your comment as well.

DynamiteJ said...

Well without a doubt you worked very well with watercolors ! the colors are completing each others and the water is super ! hope to see more works like that :D

Carrie said...

What a terrific poem to accompany your beautiful piece!! So inviting! Beautiful colors!!

Prabal said...

First of all thiank you for visiting my blog and then leaving a comment for me. It is well appreciated.

Always nice to hear from you. I am glad you liked it. :)

Liana Yarckin said...

great reflections and composition. a lot of depth here.

Jane said...

This is such a beautiful and peaceful scene, really like it, also great the the sense of distance in the color choice.