Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A lesson learnt..yet again

Here is my second work in the Chilika Stills series. I was probably not going to post this one, but on a second thought I am posting this as I thought of sharing a lesson that I learnt in the process.
The most challenging part of this painting was going to be the ripples in the water in the foreground, because of the technique I was going to use. I dont know what is the technique called. But the process requires to paint quickly with plain water when an already laid wash is just about to dry up. The wetness of the wash, amount of water in the brush, the pressure that you apply on paper while giving the strokes and the direction and size of the strokes, timing, just about everything had to be perfect. 

The first thing I did was the sky, which was exactly the way I wanted it, then I did the foreground ripples, which too turned out exactly as I wanted it to be and I was thrilled. Then the overconfident me spoilt the rest of the painting, which were supposed to be 'child's play'.

And hence a lesson was learnt.. Yet again. Never to take any part of the painting casually. What I mean is not painting everything tightly. You can paint with casual strokes, but not with a casual attitude. 

Anyways I hope to apply this leson learnt in my next painting. Till then take care. 

Title - Chilika Stills - II
Size - 15 x 11 inch
Medium - Watercolor on paper


Sandra said...

I wonder what you think failed in this painting? The technique you used for the ripples is absolutely wonderful! They look so real! I really like it - all of it :0)

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

I think thats very true about not taking any of it for granted. Painting looks great to me by the way.

Studio at the Farm said...

Hi Prabal. Why is it a failure? The ripples are magnificent. Kudos for handling paint, brush and water so very well! Usually, the hardest lessons are the ones best learned ...

Pat said...

Isn't it the way that what you consider a failure, others will love?
I actually love the ripples in the foreground. If I had an issue with anything, it would be the mid section, because to me it doesn't seem to hold your usual confident strokes.
But not at all the failure you thought you'd made! xx

Crystal Cook said...

I don't see what you think is a failure either. It looks BEAUTIFUL! I love all of it. But gosh isn't that the truth about the over confident part of you thinking you've got this painting in the bag and then you do something to screw it up! That happens to me all the time. I really can't see what failed here though. It's just beautiful as all your work is. :)

hmuxo said...

Love the ripples and love the soft colors in the water!!!! Prabal! This is beautiful!

Frank said...

I'm in awe of your depiction of water Prabal, something that still eludes me. It can be annoying when you start a painting off so well, then spoil it near the end. Can't see much spoiled here though.

John (JWJarts) said...

I have to agree with everyone else Prabal, I can't see anything spoiled either, but I do know how it can feel that way when a picture doesn't turn out quite the way we'd planned it. Those ripples are stupendous.

Prabal said...

Well before I reply to all the comments let me explain what I feel went wrong. The biggest thing that went wrong was the tree. It is too cool and too blue. I should have used a warmer tone and musted secondaries there.

Sandra, Kimberly, Kathryn,
Thank you for liking it and lifting my spirits up.

Yes that is the second part where I thought I have not done well.. Happy to know that you loved the ripples..

Prabal said...

It gives me comfort to know that its not only me. :)
Anyway thank you for your ever so beautiful comments and ever so encouraging words..

Great to know that you liked it. I am feeling better now. :)

Prabal said...

You have manged to capture water well in your new painting. And thank you for understanding how I felt. :)

Thank you for your lovely comment. They were very encouraging..