Wednesday, June 20, 2012


This officially is the last painting of my Polo series. No action this time. Its a 'after the action' scene. Hence calling it 'After a game'.

Actually this scene was the first one I did. But it was so bad that I tore it off and decided to do it once again. And for that I had to become good enough to attempt it again. And that is how the series happened. The rest of the paintings till now were done so that I could paint this one. I am also posting the small WC sketch I had done. From that sketch to the final painting the visualization has changed a lot, all thanks to the series. Of course I liked the white horses I did in the last painting. They had to feature in this one. :)

Finally a big thank you to all of you for all the encouragement for this series.

Title : After a game (Polo - V)
Size : 22 x 15
Medium : Watercolor on paper

The initial WC sketch

The first attempt which was destroyed


Studio at the Farm said...

Prabal, they are WONDERFUL! You really have portrayed the horsey atmosphere perfectly. I love your white horses, too. For some unknown reason, white horses are referred to as "grays"??? And grays are called "grays", too. Go figure. :)

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

I like them all. Most "white" horses have a lot of gray hair on them. We had some that looked very white from a distance, but were not the true white. Lovely series.

Crystal Cook said...

DESTROYED?! *sheds tear* why Prabal?? Next time you feel like destroying one of your paintings you just pack it on up and send it to me okay???? *giving you a stern look* okay?? It is beautiful, I don't know what you don't like about it, other than there aren't any white horses in it. lol.

I love the new one, it's such a peaceful piece, there's a feeling of accomplishment between the riders that's awesome.

And last of all, your sketch is FANTASTIC. I love it as much as I love chocolate cupcakes. Well. . .nearly. :))

Arti said...

I don't know why you tore off the first one, it looks perfectly beautiful to me! The grass and the trees are so natural and perfect against the dark horses.
I like the others,too.Funnily,though I like the sketch the most!Its loose and spontaneous.Good work, Prabal.

Sandra said...

Well Prabal, you continue to amaze me! These are so beautiful :0)
I love that you have ended your series with one that is after the game. An excellent finish! So, what's next? :0)

Meera Rao said...

Hadn't visited your blog for a while --and what treats I missed! I really like your new series -- you have captured the excitement of the Polo games beautifully! I agree with Crystal -anytime you want a painting gone, let me know --i will send my mailing address :)

ashok said...

wow! fantastic!

hmuxo said...

These are all SO outstanding, Prabal. I'm going to miss this series I'm anxious to see your next piece!!!

Pat said...

Oh yes! This is an outstanding end to a great series. The new last painting is just fabulous and so atmospheric. So much better than the first version, which was fine, but not outstanding.
Prabal, you've surpassed yourself! xx