Friday, July 27, 2012

Sappers at Ulsoor

This is the boat club of Madras Sappers Regiment at Ulsoor lake. Ulsoor lake is one of my favorite places in Bangalore. In a cramped city here one gets to experience a little bit of space. And with greenery and avian life around the lake spending time here always brings peace. This was done from a plein air sketch I had done about 2 months back. Both are posted. 

While the plein air one is crisp, this has a little more subdued feel. It was not planned that way. It just turned out that way. As they say watercolor has its own ways. We'll never know.

And of course the plein air work always has the spontaneity that studio pieces fail to have.

p.s. By the way Superb Sandra's painting has been shortlisted for a competition. Please visit her post (click here) to know about it and if you like her entry dont forget to vote. :)

Title : Sappers @ Ulsoor
Size : 20 x 26 inch
Medium : Watercolor on paper

Plein air sketch @ Ulsoor lake


hmuxo said...

Beautiful watercolors, Prabal...I can see why it is your favorite Lake in Bangalore!! Again, beautifully painted!!! and yes, I voted for Sandra..I wish her so much luck!!!

KonstantinaP said...

Lovely colors, Prabal! The painting is beautiful, full of light.
Warm regards.

Crystal Cook said...

These are so beautiful Prabal, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be the sketch. There's just such a vitality to it that I just LOVE. :) Glad to see you painting again, you've been away for a bit haven't you?

Liana Yarckin said...

Prabal, only the studio painting showed up on my screen and I was so excited about the painting, when I read your post and then scrolled down, I saw the plein air painting. I don't know why, buy the plein air keeps grabbing me now. That is what is so weird about plein air paintings. However, they are both great. The water, birds, clouds in the studio painting are great.

Studio at the Farm said...

Both are beautiful, Prabal. I prefer the studio version a bit better - it has such a cool and serene look to it. I'd love to see it for real. ;)

Arti said...

Both are beautiful in their own way, tough to choose!Your landscapes are getting better and more beautiful, Prabal.

Prabal said...

Thanks a lot lady. I wish you could come down. I could take you to the lake and treat you to ice cream. :)

Thanks. I am glad you liked it. I appreciate your kind words..

Prabal said...

Crystal, Liana,
I think we all are plein air freaks. No matter however imperfect a plein air painting is, it has some kind of vitality which I love so much.

Thank you. Oh yes.. as I said the studio version is more subdued. More romantic..

Thank you for your appreciation.