Saturday, September 8, 2012

Painting @ Bull temple

Hi there. How have you all been doing. In my last post I had mentioned about my last plein air painting experience which was anything but pleasant. A summary of what had happened now follows. :)

Bull temple is the temple of Nandi (Also known as Basava), the bull who is associated with Shiva.  It is located atop a tiny hillock in Basavanagudi. Its a lovely place to paint, but it is also a tourist place. This was my first time there and I was all excited about it. As usual after sketching for sometime I had found my composition, which I drew on paper and then I was ready to paint. No sooner than I had setup my easel a crowd had already gathered around me. Well I really dont mind that. I had painted with crowd around me earlier also. But this time the crowd was full of questions and comments and they would just not let me concentrate on my painting. Sample this.

Are you painting the temple? (As if I was painting a Venetian scene !!!!)
Why dont you draw portraits? 
Is this some project work? (Answering no made people very surprised. So after sometime I had started answering yes)
I also used to do this stuff when I was a kid. (Painting is kiddish stuff of course)
Oh this is watercolor.. My niece paints in oils (It was very disappointing for some of them when they found out that it was watercolor).
Can I see the brushes? (Few of my brushes were already in the hands of the kid who asked this question)
Can you please step to the left a little. I want to take a picture.

While all this and more was happening I was also trying to paint. Without any focus on my painting I did not know what I was doing and all this constant commentary and quizzing going on in the background it was getting to me. Finally it was enough and I packed up and came back.

This painting was done in the last two days. And it tells a story which is exactly opposite to what happened. This is only a fantasy. :)

Title: Painting @ Bull temple
Size: 16 x 22 inch
Medium : Watercolor on paper


Pat said...

Your painting has a serenity about it, which I love!
shame you couldn't experience that on the day.

Judy said...

Oh poor Prabal, I can imagine how annoying it must have been! Your fantasy painting is fabulous!

Crystal Cook said...

Your commentary on the people's questions is hilarious!! LOL!! I'm so sorry you were frustrated (I'm pretty sure I would have dumped my water bucket on at least some of them by now!), but the story is just too good. :)

And the new painting is beautiful, and it is a perfect fantasy. :) I love the people with the bull to the side personally. My favorite part. Next time put some earbuds or headphones on and crank up some music, then you won't be able to hear their questions and comments! Kidish stuff indeed. Hmmph!!

Vinayak Deshmukh said...

Too sorry for the unpleasant experience you had. Can be really nerve racking at times. The painting, though, is fabulous. You have more than made for the frustrating time I guess with this lovely piece.
Best wishes,

Arti said...

I can visualize the scene :)You are quite brave- I would not even attempt doing any work while a crowd looked over my shoulder!Your 'fantasy' looks pretty good, though.The tree at right looks very beautiful.

hmuxo said...

An absolutely beautiful fantasy, Prabal. I must admit your post made me smile..but painting while being questioned constantly, had to be a little annoying!

Sandra said...

Oh my goodness - that would be my worst nightmare! But here is a good tip for you if you want to paint in a public place again: Take an iPod and some very conspicuous earphones! Or if you don't have an iPod, just wear the earphones - no one will know they're not plugged in to anything.
This way, people may watch but they won't ask questions because they will assume you can't hear them!
I hope that helps you the next time! As for the painting, well I love it! It really is a gorgeous, colourful and peaceful painting and as usual, you have done magical things with the light :0)

Studio at the Farm said...

I am sorry about your frustration with the crowd. I wouldn't even think of setting up to paint in a crowded place. But you did get your "fantasy" done, frustrated though you were. :)

Prabal said...

Pat, Judy,
Thanks for empathizing. But I guess this is how it will be in a crowded place.

You know what!! Annoyed I was of course. But later when I was recollecting the events it was very funny. :)

Anyway thanks for liking this one. Since its a bull temple people dress up bulls and feed then to get credit on their karmic table..

Prabal said...

Vinayak, Arti,
I am sure you would understand the situation the most. :)
Anyway thanks for your appreciation on this.

If my post made you smile than I dont mind experiencing it all over again. :)

Prabal said...

Sandra, Crystal,
Awesome idea. I am going to do it next time. I'll surely put on some music. Hopefully the music will also help the painting. :)

Madhu Kumar said...
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Madhu Kumar said...

Some times I pull out a dustbin(if anything around) next to me so that most of them would avoid coming next to me. Off course you should be ready to tolerate the same. It will be for only few minutes you feel it. Once you get locked with the process you will not know. This I learnt from one of the Artist here.

Carrie said...

For all your hassles your painting came off brilliantly:) I give you big kudos for painting plein air, I don't think I could handle it. I've only attempted in once while on vacation in Greece. I painted a beach scene and had a clothing optional audience, that adds a whole new element:) Maybe that's why I haven't done it since, I was scarred for life:) Anyway fabulous job, your works are so masterfully painted.

Carrie said...

And that's me Carrie Waller (Carrie's creations)

Prabal said...

That idea sounds interesting. I 'll probably have to carry a bottle of perfume with me. Thank so much.

I love painting outdoors any day. Incidents like this are bound to occur once in a while I guess. And I can imagine you painting that beach scene with the clothing optional audience. LOL.Actually I too have done it once. But luckily no one bothered me that time. :)