Sunday, October 28, 2012


Kodaikanal is a small hill station in the south of India. It is a very touristy place. I had been there recently which was off season, but still there were lot of tourists. It was very difficult painting there as the whole place was always covered with clouds and paper would take ages to dry. But I got some pictures from there and planning to do a series on Kodaikanal. This is the first one. 

p.s. In the last session of the workshop which was like general question answer, exchange of thoughts etc one of the participants had taken a few pictures of me. I am posting one of them. The reason of posting this is that you'll probably get a look at all the artwork the participants produced. Aren't they really good. II really loved them.

Another day at Kodai - KKNL Series - I
22 x 15 inch
Watercolor on paper 

All the student artworks with yours truly. :)


AK said...

Love the way you have done the background.

Pat said...

Love this painting Prabal - from the castle on the hill to the reflection in the coach window - just amazing!

Studio at the Farm said...

Prabal, your landscapes really just get better and better - this is beautiful!!! The aerial perspective is so very well portrayed.
... and you are just a cutie! I can write things like this, form my more mature age perspective. :)

Prabal said...

AK sir, Pat,
Thank you for your respective comments.

I enjoyed your comment. :)
You could say that irrespective of your age. ;)