Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The workshop

Firstly apologies for this late post. The workshop was more than a week back and I guess I should have posted earlier. But such is life. I really could not do the needful. But as they say better late than never.

The workshop with Prosenjit was very educational and informative. Sometimes to move ahead one needs to take two steps back and that was what the workshop was all about. Had to really start from the basics again and went on to draw human figure finally. Learnt about proportions, gesture etc. There was not enough time to go into anatomy though it was planned. learnt a little about soft pastels and acrylics. Over all the workshop was fantastic and Prosenjit was a great teacher. I hope he will come down to Bangalore sometime again in future so that we can continue from where we left.

I am posting a few of the plates from the workshop. Hope you enjoy it.

Prosenjit's quick demo of study of David

My labored study of David. You can see I have made him a little fat. :)

Some half minute gesture studies on which Prosenjit quickly developed human figures.


Pat said...

Figure drawing and proportions are a tough subject. Well done you for tackling them.I think you did a fab job!

Sandra Busby said...

Wow - this is just like Leonardo de Vinci! Amazing... and so technical :0)

Carol Blackburn said...

Good day Prabal, thanks for sharing your experience. Always a pleasure to visit your blog.

Crystal Cook said...

Beautiful work Prabal. I can really see the energy in each of your sketches. I bet you did learn a ton at this workshop. :)