Sunday, March 8, 2015

Another One

Adding one more from my working class series here. This one came out quiet different. The subject also I thought was really different from my usual subjects. I did quiet like the final outcome. Hope you guys like it too.

Working Class - IV
14 x 10 inches


Studio at the Farm said...

I don't like it ... I LOVE it, Prabal! It is a fascinating painting - from the subject matter, to the great composition of the bales of palm fronds tapering to the narrowness of the feet, to the rendering of sunlight hitting their bodies. Beautiful work, my friend!!!

Carol Blackburn said...

Very interesting subject matter! Prabal you never disappoint me, your's paintings are always so interesting and wonderful.

AK said...

This is just Fabulous Prabal.

Sandra Busby said...

Wow! Absolutely wonderful!! :0)

Corinne H. said...

Magnifique ! le rythme de leur marche est si bien rendu , on sent le balancement des corps et des feuillages !