Monday, October 3, 2016

Getting started with Watercolor

Though I paint in watercolor now most people are surprised to know that I actually started off with opaque mediums like oils and gouache early in my life. transparent Watercolor medium was always a mystery for me. Though I was drawn to the transparent medium and was always itching to work with it, I did not know where to start. In fact when I did my first watercolor it was so bad that I almost gave up. It took a little perseverance and curiosity to learn which kept me going. And now watercolor is something that I can not do without.

Often I am asked this question on how to paint in watercolors or how to begin with watercolors. This makes me go back to the time when I had these questions for which I found the answers in the hard way. So i thought of putting down a short write up on how to begin with watercolors.

I hope it helps.

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