Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Indian Ocean - In progress

Okay. The suspense of my last post did not really last. But still I'll formally break the suspense now. The sketches in the last post were that of a cult Indian band called Indian Ocean. Here is the wiki link. I have been the biggest fan of this band since I heard them first in 2000. Their music ans story has had a very strong influence on me. A documentary film titled 'Leaving Home' was made in the band and was released last year to rave reviews. It is one of the most inspirational movies I have ever seen.

I have been thinking of doing some paintings on them for a very long time, but never got the courage to do it. Portraits are tough anyway. And doing 4 portraits in one painting is a big ask. But finally I am doing it. It started off well. But midway it was not going the way I wanted it to. Anyway it is about 70% complete now and in my next post I'll post the painting no matter what is the outcome.

Before starting the painting I did a quick watercolor sketch of my favorite person in the band, just to gain some confidence. I am posting that for now. And in the meanwhile you can enjoy some of their music.

Desert Rain
Bula Raha

And by the way they have also been a band that lives by its own terms. Here in India record labels actually exploit musicians. But musicians have no other option other than going with a label. But Indian Ocean ditched record labels and was the first band in India to release their latest album on internet for free. You can download those songs for free on their site.


Sandra said...

This would make a fantastic album cover Prabal! Have you ever heard of Zero Degree Atoll? Also a great band, but from the Maldives which of course is still in the Indian Ocean :0)

Crystal Cook said...

This would totally be the most AWESOME album cover ever! And I already like this band just for ditching the record label. :)

I see passion here. I'm lovin it!

Lydie said...

Prabal thank you for sharing your musical universe, a lot of fun to discover this group ... and why not an album cover?

Pat said...

Love this portrait - so full of life and character. What great promise for the portrait of the whole band! xx

Ramesh Jhawar said...

Like it! Thanks for sharing their music too :)

Prabal said...

Sandra, Crystal, Lydie
What an idea.. Album cover. Huh. :)
But I am glad you ppl liked it. And I did a little search for Zero Degree Atoll.. Will listen to their music soon.

I hope I deliver..

Indian Ocean's music is sacred..

Gary Keimig said...

great sketch Prabal. It stands on its own as a great piece.
Thanks for the kind comment on my art blog

Dipti said...

Prabal u always try different things n its really difficult to do four portaits in one painting... Eagerly waiting to see the final painting..