Sunday, May 15, 2011

Plein air..

I did some plein air work this weekend and the last weekend too at Lalbaugh. I am posting the outcome. Some okay, some not so okay. Anyway here they are. But its always great fun to paint outdoors.

I also realized that for some tricky compositions I needed to have a view finder. Hopefully I'll have one next time. And being a not so organized person I always end up forgetting something or the other. I think a checklist will of help. Those, who do not score very high on being organized must have a checklist for plein air painting I guess. Imagine if you forget your pad or your brushes.

Happy painting..


may said...

wonderful work!

Carol Blackburn said...

Very nice, Prabal.....I've yet to try plein air painting but I do have my checklist ready for that special day.

Bhargavi said...

lovely! I have just started painting with watercolors and was wondering what paper you used . Do you stretch your paper before painting?

Sandra said...

Beautiful, uplifting scenes Prabal! :0)

Crystal Cook said...

Gorgeous work Prabal! I think my favorite is the third one down, I love the way you paint reflections. :) And, I think we should start a club for Unorganized Artists Anonymous because I am the same way!

Prabal said...


Thank you for the visit and comment. I appreciate it.


You must go outdoors. Its a lot of fun and very uplifting.

I used fabriano watercolor pad. Since the sheets are stuck to each other there was no need to stretch the paper. In fact it cant be done for a pad. :)

Prabal said...

I hope it made you happy. :)

I still cant stop thinking about your meeting with Alvaro. You really really lucky girl. And yes sonner or later I'll start the club. :)

Dipti said...

All the paintings are beautiful ... some days back I went to Lalbaugh. I can make out what are the places in ur paintings.. Really it is nice to see those in paintings ...

hmuxo said...

I love all 4 of these watercolors, Prabal.. Beautiful work, as always.

Prabal said...

I am really happy that you could identify the places. :)

Thanks you as always for your kind comments.

Facts of Life said...

Prabal..Very nice work. I have been doing Plein air for the past few weekends. It's fun and great learning. Please check my work if you have time.


gugun said...

I like the second one best !! very beautiful path .. wish you stayed closer to these places in bangalore ! X-( AllI get to go from there is the stupid park near the ring road flyover. not sure even that is there now ..

third one is very good too .. lovely reflections ... but confusing background ?