Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some more

Here are some more sketches. I still have not learnt to draw faces, but I think I am getting better. The reference for both these was picked from internet. I use a blunt crayon sort of thing for these sketches. It is known as Sudha crayons here. Comes very cheap and great for sketching. It is almost like conte crayons. Only a little thicker, flakier and harder. And it is 6 times cheaper than conte crayons.

As it is a little blunt, getting those sharp details is difficult. But I guess the sharp details here were not required.


Sandra Busby said...

This are fantastic! Faces are difficult aren't they? But with drawings like this you can get away with minimal detail. Your figure work is so good - you should do more :0)

hmuxo said...

OMGosh, Prabal...these are fantastic did a wonderful job with it. I've never heard of Sudha crayons but you seem to do so well with it....I hope to see more of these sketches with these crayons..Very impressive!!!!

Crystal Cook said...

Absolutely gorgeous Prabal. Your skill at drawing is so impressive. I love how graceful your figures are. :)