Friday, May 3, 2013

Chikmagalur - I

A couple of weeks back I made a trip to a place called Chikmagalur with a few friends on a weekend. Chikmagalur is a hilly area with lot of coffee estates. It was  peak of summers and not the best time to go to this place, but still it was a lot of fun. I had not carried my painting kit as it was only a 2 day trip, but I wish I had. However I took a few pictures and I'll be painting some of them.

I do a few sketches before every painting, which gives me an idea of the tonality, color etc before I make the final painting. But it also kind of ties me up a little. So for this series of paintings I decided not to do any kind of sketch and just paint. I want to see what happens and want to have the experience. This is the first painting of the series. As I am more used to preliminary sketches I was a little lost in some places here. But still it turned out okay.

I would love to hear from you about your thoughts on preliminary sketches. Have a great weekend.

On the way to Chikmagalur
Chikmagalur series - I
11 x 15 inch


Darshan shetye said...

Very Nice work!

Pat said...

I love the country feel to this, The painting makes me want to stop and sit a while under the tree!

As to prelim sketches, no, I don't always. When I was in college training, we had to. Nowadays, I trust my eye more and usually it works how I want it.

Crystal Cook said...

This is gorgeous Prabal! I really like the warmer color scheme that this painting has. And the no sketching before is kind of hard to believe because it feels like everything about this is in the perfect place. Well done my friend. :)

Studio at the Farm said...

Prabal, whatever technique you used with this painting, keep on doing it!!! It is a beautiful, warm, fascinating landscape. The perspective is perfect, and there is so much to look at and admire in the scene. Bravo, Prabal!!!

Sandra Busby said...

This is much more than okay! It is amazing! I particularly love that tree. I love it Prabal :0)