Monday, June 3, 2013

Malnad Sunset

Hi there. I have been absent from here for almost sizable amount of time. That is because I was having quiet a bit of failures in painting and was not having anything good enough to post. And then when I had something good enough I was not able to photograph it because of the weather here. Its been raining quiet a bit and is generally cloudy most of the day. My camera can click well only when there is sun light. 

Anyhow I took this picture today with whatever light available and tried to correct it to match the original as much as possible. Could not really wait for the clouds to clear up anymore. 

I have used quiet a bit of layers in this, which is not what I typically do, because I am not very patient. But with this I had to control my natural instincts and I guess it paid off well (patting my own back). :)

Malnad Sunset
Chikmagalur series - VI
15 x 22 inch


Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

You should definitely pat yourself on the back! Well done!

Katherine Thomas said...

It's gorgeous! I admire the way you created the mist and blended it with the hues below. The whole composition and mood are so soothing and beautifully painted.

Katherine Thomas said...
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Carol Blackburn said...

This is so beautiful, Prabal. You should get a pat on the back and more. Gorgeous color. I hope your sun comes out soon. :)

Studio at the Farm said...

Prabal, I wish I could pat your back for you, too. This is fabulous!!! I am not a patient person either - only for watercolor and the horse. :) Just imagine what you could do with the odd extra glazed layer every once in a while. I had tp battle my impatience last night - I so much wanted to take the masking fluid off. But this morning, I realized the painting needed more darkening. It would have been difficult, if impossible, to do a decent job if I had given in to my impatience. :)

Sandra Busby said...

I think quality is more important than quantity Prabal and you are certainly posting quality work! The way you have captured the mist and mood is very clever :0)