Friday, June 14, 2013

Red Berry Walk

After my Chikmagalur series I am taking a break with acrylics. No watercolor for last 7-8 days now. Just having a little fun with acrylics before any more tubes of my acrylic set dries up (4 tubes have already dried up by the way). I find taking such breaks with a different medium very useful and a lot of fun.

I did not start with a very concrete idea for this one. Just kept going with the flow. Changed the foreground and the tree 2-3 times. Finally stopped at the least unsatisfied point. Otherwise I may still have been painting this.

I'll be going with my sketching group for a weekend sketching trip to Nandi hills (about 40 kms from Bangalore) on Sunday. I am really excited about it. Hopefully I'll be able to get one nice work out of the trip. But more on that next week. You guys enjoy your weekend.

Red Berry Walk
21 x 15 inch
Acrylic on paper

p.s. This too is from my Chikmagalur inspiration. :)


AK said...

Acrylics can give u the effect of watercolors also. I am personally scared as they dry up so fast and am not very quick. Great job Prabal.

Sandra Busby said...

Its gorgeous Prabal! And the colours are so rich and vibrant. It's so much fun experimenting isn't it? :0)

himani rawat nayal said...

Beautiful work :)

hmuxo said...

Beautiful scene, Prabal!! Excellent painting!!