Monday, July 15, 2013

The Minimalists

A few days back I stumbled upon this web site called Its a blog site of two people who are living the minimalist life style and share their experiences through the blog. Minimalism is a concept that enables one to live a happier and more meaningful life, by creating more, consuming less and contributing to others lives in a meaningful way. If is a great resource on the internet and if you find time I suggest you spend some time on this site.

Anyway coming to the painting now. I thought cows are the original minimalists and thought of painting them again. But this time all of them together. And keeping with the theme I used minimal color set. Just French Ultra, permanent Orange and Yellow Ochre. 

I thought the painting came out good, but I had a tough time photographing it. I have never been able to photograph French Ultra properly ever. How do you photograph paintings with french ultra. Do let me know.

By the way for the last painting I picked up the title 'Liquid Moon'. It was suggested on FB by a fantastic artist friend Bijay Biswal.

And yes there are just a few seats left for the workshop that I am taking coming weekend. So in case you have not yet registered do register quickly. Here is more info about it.

The Minimalists
15 x 22 inch


Judy said...

Terrific cowes, Prabal! Beautiful painting!

Studio at the Farm said...

LOVE the cow painting, Prabal!!! It really is beautifully and "painterly" done.
Thank you for the web site info - will look into it. :)

hmuxo said...

AMAZING watercolor, Prabal...I LOVE those blues!!!

Sandra Busby said...

Wow - these cows are amazing! Those shadows add such drama and sense of strong light - and I love the diffusing colours... Just perfect!!! :0)

Crystal Cook said...

Oh my gosh those cows are so incredibly beautiful Prabal! Gestural and strong in design, and of course they are the perfect subject to show your mastery of watercolor. I love it. :) I would like to live a minimalist lifestyle, but. . . I like pretty things. And a lot of them. So bad I know. ;) I'm going to check out the site, you've guilted me into it. JK. ;)

Pat said...

Fabulous cows, Prabal. I love the dramatic use of colour. The one looking directly at us looks like a real character!