Thursday, November 14, 2013

Muvattupuzah - VI

I did this just before I started my prep for the exhibition. And since then I have not been able to get time even to post this. Yes. I have been busy. :)

A solo exhibition is really demanding. Fortunately I am quiet good on the plan right now. Nothing has got delayed till now and I hope it stays that way. Just got stuck with the invitations a little. There was no printer guy who was ready to print the envelopes of the invites for me for a reasonable price. The envelop was actually going to cost more than two times the invitation cards. And others were not ready to print on envelopes.

So I decided that I would do all the envelopes manually using my brush and paints. And it really did not take that long really. And moreover I enjoyed doing these. 

Muvattupuzah - VI
11 x 15 inches

Hand painted covers for the invitations cards


Meera Rao said...

beautiful painting - i like the mood and the colors! Really neat invitations! and all the best with the show!

hmuxo said...

A gorgeous watercolor, Prabal..I love all those reflections from the trees in the water...Perfect!
The best of luck on your exhibit!!

Sandra Busby said...

What a fantastic idea to paint your own envelopes, lol! And so much nicer than printed. The painting is of course gorgeous, as your work consistently is. I wish you bucket fulls of luck for you exhibition :0)

Pat said...

Stunning painting, such a feel of calm and light.
I love what you did with the envelopes. How personal is that? They'll be adored, for sure!

Corn Dena said...

what a beautiful watercolor painting! looks peaceful!