Thursday, October 29, 2009

Himachal Village - Solved

This is the 'answer' to the 'puzzle' posted by me in the previous post. In the above photo the picture on the left is the original painting. The picture on the right has been digitally modified. When I looked at the original painting my eye would enter the painting from top, flow down and would abruptly stop at the absolutely unnecessary house in the path. So I removed the house digitally to see what happens and then I could feel my eye moving down and out of the painting smoothly.

So I decided to remove the house. For that I lifted the colors first. But still it could be seen. Then I glazed using white. Yes, believe it or not, but I did that. And then added the cart and other smart details to remove any other trace of what previously was there.

The original painting may look better to many people. But I could not stop without giving it a try.


Ramesh Jhawar said...

Very smart! And very well explained with all this before-after pics. Seems like you used the ghost image of original house roof for the cart.

Prabal said...

Ramesh, you are corrrect. The ghost image of the roof was used to make the cart. :)

pc said...

good analysis Prabal,
and full marks for the way you've presented it :)

Prabal said...

Thank PC. The presentation took me some time. But I think it was worth the effort.

Casabranca said...

It was a good lesson for me. I use to work with oil. so this solution for watercolor is really courageous.
Best regards from Portugal