Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pen and Ink?

I have been wanting to use a little bit of Pen and Ink in my paintings for some time. I have never seen how a pen of the pen and ink drawing looks like. I went to some nearby art stores, but they did not have it. So I bought a black gel pen and used it in this.

This sketch is that of Mansi Ghat in Benaras. I wanted to do a quick sketch here and wanted to give finishing touches with ink, which was achieved with the black gel pen. :) Can anybody suggest some resources on the internet about Pen and Ink?


Megha Chhatbar said...

Wonderful! You have a fantastic job with black pen! I am not very much known to pen and Ink. I loved the umbrellas. Nice finishing touch!

Prabal said...

Thanks Megha. I was just having fun. Just let things happen on paper without giving any thought to it. :)

pc said...

great job Prabal !
I love pen and ink..they suit esply for illustrations and architectural/structural drawings as you can add an amazing amount of detailing.
Check out this link
Indian ink is suited for this. But we need to check if there are any pens available for applying this ink.

Prabal said...

Thanks buddy. The site has some good tutorials.
And I did not know that Pen and Ink is suited for drawing architecture. Just picked up this painting randomly, but I think it was a good coincidence. :)