Friday, February 10, 2012


Flowers are very deceptive. You think they are easy to paint until you try. There are so many complex shapes in each flower. When you think of simplifying you dont know where to start. My last attempt of live flower painting was a huge disaster. It was more than a year back. I again tried and this time it is better. I think it was a good exercise and I think ought to do this more often, no matter what the result is.

Title : Composition with Three Roses
Size : 15 x 11 inch
Medium : Watercolor on Paper


Judy said...

Good result! The roses are beautiful!

Lydie said...

Wow, beautiful bouquet. Of course! you can paint other.

aurora cabeza said...

me gusta

Cora said...

Love your rose. like the composition and how you play with colors. really good.

Sandra said...

Well I LOVE the result! They are fresh and full of movement and life. There is nothing stiff about them which is so often the case in flower paintings. I think that this is perfect in every way :0)

Pat said...

you picked the hardest flower of all to paint - and you came up with a lovely composition and good result.
The background is a little fussy for my taste, but that's personal. I do like how you have captured the light in the glass and the reflection. Fabulous xx

Vinayak Deshmukh said...

This looks lovely man. I love the way you have used all those abstract shapes especially in the shadow.
Best wishes,

Prabal said...

Judy, Lydie, Aurora,
Thank you ladies for those kind words.

Glad you liked the composition. It took me some time to get it like this in the setup.

Prabal said...

You realy think so!! Oh thank you so much. By the way everytime I was becomng a little stiff with the flower or was fussing around a bit I would go back to the background and paint with freedom. Because as you said it is so easy to get stiff while painting flowers.

I was using the background to loosen myslef. Probably I overdid it. But I am glad you liked the painting as such. :)

Prabal said...

Its always so good to hear from you. Thanks a lot.