Monday, February 13, 2012

Plein air Sunday

This Sunday we were back at Museum again for plein air. I reached a little early to get that first sunlight of the day and it was completely worth it. This is the museum building opposite to the museum canteen which I had done earlier. The subject of old British building against the backdrop of modern buildings was very interesting with a strong sunlight and some tourists to liven up the scene. 
I can see a strong influence of some of my favorite artists in this work. Probably the scene is such that those influences just came in. What do you feel?

Plein air @ Museum - 12 Feb 2012
Size - 15 x 11 inch
Medium - Watercolor on paper


Vinayak Deshmukh said...

I love the stark sunlight. Everything about this painting is just perfect.

Studio at the Farm said...

WOW, Prabal, I love this. I really see Joseph Zbukvic in this. You have caught the cool in the shadows, with the heat just starting to build in the open. Brilliant!!!

Kathy said...

Prabal...great job. You are making me jealous for warm weather. Want to trade for a week? Is that a hot dog stand? lol.Very nice painting!!

Sandra said...

I know I have already commented on Facebook but I had to come here too... It is a gorgeous painting. Life and light are the two things that jump out from the painting :0)

Crystal Cook said...

I really, REALLY love this painting Prabale. The light and life, like sandra said is just amazing.

And I don't know if he's an influence of yours, but this painting reminds me of Alvaro's work, of whom I am a most ardent fan girl. :D

Happy valentine's day my friend!!

John (JWJarts) said...

This may not make sense but I love how much detail you've put into this scene without getting into detail. Excellent work!!!

Pat said...

Prabal, this is stunning!
I can feel a warm beginning, building to the heat of the day.
I can feel an overcooked city in the distance, a place we won't travel to, because on the table below the parasol we have two ice cold drinks awaiting us.
Gorgeous painting! xx

Prabal said...

Thanks man.. I appreciate your comment.

Even I thought so. A little Joseph and a litlle Alvaro have come into this painting. :)

Prabal said...

I thought you got the warm weather through this painting. If you did not then I'll try to make another painting for you. :)

Thank you again so very much. You made my day again.

Prabal said...

Prabale is what Kathy used to call me. :)
I too am a big fan of Alvaro and Zbukvic. So I think both their influence is there in this.

And happy Valentine's day to you too. I hope you got a few more letters. :)

Not at all. In fact I was very happy to have acheived exactly what you are talking about.

Prabal said...

That was a great analysis of the painting. And yes that is the overcooked city travelling through which I just dont like. And this guy under the parasol gives a free lemon soda for each lemon soda you buy. :)

Meera Rao said...

Love the light, details yet the not-really-details of the scene, and especially the lemon green/yellow light filled drink stand!