Friday, March 2, 2012

A sketch and more

Last Sunday our outdoor sketching group dediced to go to the turf club and sketch some horses. And someone did get permission for us to enter into the club too. I was not well, but horses (which you do not see everyday) were too much of a temptation. So on Sunday I popped some tablets and decided to go to the turf club for about 2 hours. When I reach there Mr Murphy had already played his trick and the news was that we were not going inside. So disappointed we gang up opposite to this place. And guess what... This place had a small junkyard in the corner and there was this glorious abandoned jeep lying there under some good sunlight and crying out loud to be sketched. I completed this in about 30 mins standing for half the time and kneeling down rest of the time. And horses were forgotten by now.

Painting en plein air has this certain exciting quality to it which can not be explained. Sometime you come across scenes which just urge you so much to paint them. And it is best not to waste any time and get down to painting immediately in such cases. The finished product may or may not come out good, but that feeling of responding to the scene immediately is just awesome.

Junkyard Jeep en plein air sketch
Medium : Watercolor and gouche on tinted sheet

I am also posting two gauche paintings I had done a few days back on dark green tinted sheet. Its a litlle experimental. Bangalore is called as garden city and the inspiration for both these paintings were born in a garden. Hence the name. :)
Title : Garden and the city - I
Size : 18 x 13 inch
Medium : Gouche on tinted sheet

Title : Garden and the city - II
Size : 18 x 13 inch
Medium : Gouche on tinted sheet


Sandra said...

Well, what an absolute FEAST for the eyes! Firstly, the truck has such character and is so beautifully painted! There is nothing contrived about it and I think the fact that you painted it from life - actually gives it life! The light is wonderful too.... Then the next - WOW! Those flowers in the foreground give such an enormous amount of texture to this painting and also such depth. It is gorgeous - and again, the light is amazing! And the bottom one kind of reminds me of Van Goghs 'Starry Night'! But I think what I love most about it is those wet, red reflections of the car lights giving it masses of atmosphere. GENIOUS! :0D

Vinayak Deshmukh said...

The jeep is lovely. I must second Sandra's thoughts. The second gouache has a certain "Van Gogh"ish qulity to it. Both are just awesome.
You are so lucky to have found a sketching group in your city. Wish we had something similar in Hyderabad too.

hmuxo said...

First of all, Prabal, I hope you are feeling well. Second, I LOVE these three know by now how much I love junkyard I love this..the second one is gorgeous with those flowers and love the building....and of course, the light hitting the streets from the cars in the third is perfectly painted!! Beautiful job.

Studio at the Farm said...

Prabal, I do hope you feel 100% SOON! I'm glad you had that cool jeep to work on, after getting there [but no horses - boo, hiss]
The two paintings of The Garden and the City are truly wonderful, and very different for you.

deepazartz said...

Prabal, your art is always a treat to watch. I liked the second one the best, it has a such a pleasant feeling about it. The junkyard jeep looks amazing too esp after you read the context:)

Beautiful works!
Hope you are well now:)

Crystal Cook said...

NICE Prabal!! I really like the truck. And your gouache paintings are truly awesome as well. But where are the horses hmmmm???? :)) Hope you're feeling better now. :)

Prabal said...

WOW.. Such a mountain of a comment. Thank you so much. Whenever I paint with opaque paints and not really painting in a planned way I always end up with a Van-Goghish looking work. After all he is my favorite artist. :)

Yes lucky indeed to have a group here. In Hyderabd I think penciljammers group was started. Just find out whether it is still active or not.

Prabal said...

You are always so generous with your words. Thank you so much again. Yes I am almost okay now. Just the last 5%.

Thank you so much for your wishes. An no horses. I hope I could get to your place. :) And those two paintings are a little reminiscent of my oil painting past. LOL. I love to work in a opaque medium for a change.

Prabal said...

Thank you for your wishes and you lovely comment.

No horses. But I am sure when I come to your place we can go horse sketching. I hope someday I can. :)