Thursday, November 15, 2012


This is the fifth painting in my Kodaikanal series. After painting 3 water scenes I really did not want to paint water again, though I had already done a study on another lake scene. I chanced upon this picture which was taken by a friend (The human figure was not there in the picture) during our Kodaikanal trip. I really loved the feel of this with lots of mist all around and a general calmness prevailing everywhere. So the water scene has to wait. :)

Last weekend I went for a double concert. Sitar concert by Ustaad Rais Bale Khan and Hafiz Bale Khan, which was then topped by Kathak dance performance by Pandit Rajendra Gagnani. It was pure awesomeness. Especially the Kathak section. It was just mind blowing to watch someone of around 60 years of age dance with that vigor and that grace for about 1 hour. It was also motivating as one could easily realize the amount of practice, discipline and patience that would have gone into making him such a great dancer.

Anyway I'll leave you here. Have a great time till we meet next time. :)

Break (KKNL-V)
22 x 15 inch
Watercolor on paper


Studio at the Farm said...

Hi Prabal. You really did a great job of capturing the mistiness of this scene. And that concert sounds like it was fabulous. Must see if I can google Pandit Gagnani. :)

Studio at the Farm said...

Handsome man, and a beautiful dancer. He really is a joy to watch!!! One of the pieces, performed with a woman, reminds me of some of the Ukrainian dances I've seen. Thank you, Prabal. :)

Crystal Cook said...

Once again you are the king of atmosphere Prabal. I LOVE the moody feel of this piece. :) And 60 years old and dancing for an hour?!!! That's how I want to be!! Would have been awesome to see.

Sandra Busby said...

The painting is oozing atmosphere! So gorgeous!
I'd have love to have seen the dancer - there's nothing like it to keep the spirit young! :0)

Pat said...

Fabulous moody piece. I can feel the mist from here!

hmuxo said...

This is beautiful, Prabal..I love how you achieve that misty atmosphere all the time..No one can do it like you!! Love this one!!