Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sketchbook time

I have not painted anything after the small sunset painting I posted in my last post. So I thought of sharing a few pages from my sketchbook with you. 

Since a few months I have been using normal notebooks (spiral bound ones) for sketching. Reasons being
1. They come in variety of sizes to choose from
2. They are easier to carry around 
3. They are much cheaper

I am finding these better for sketching, because they are very portable. You can not do WC wash on it, but it works well with pen, pencil, charcoal etc. Most of these sketches are done quickly as they have been done live. Hope you enjoy them. 

In the next post I'll post some WC sketches, which should be more interesting. Till then take care and stay well.


Sandra Busby said...

I'm always fascinated by other poeples sketchbooks and it's wonderful to get a peak in to yours! What a great collection you have here! :0)

Crystal Cook said...

Prabal these are SO beautiful. You have such a strong command of value, and I love that these sketches reflect your style just as strongly as your paintings. :)

P.S. And since you asked, a turkey coma is what happens to one after consuming WAY TOO MUCH Thanksgiving dinner (namely. . . turkey), resulting in a state of drowsy blah-ness. :D