Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sketches from Gokarna Trip

Last weekend I was at Gokarna with a few of my friends. Gokarna is a small seaside town on the west coast of India. We stayed bang on Kudle beach. It was one of the most peaceful beaches I have seen and hence it was fabulous. We stayed there for the weekend only and I felt it was just too short a stay. While playing beach football, trekking from one beach to other, sea bathing, hogging, visiting famous temples I manged to squeeze some time out and do some sketches. 

On Saturday evening we witnessed a very beautiful sunset. While I was soaking up the amazing sunset I realized I did not have my camera. So I just tried to memorize everything that was creating the mood. The tones, colors, shapes, edges etc. When I got back I did a quick WC sketch of the sunset. 

I have got some photos all right. But still I am posting these sketches for you as I think they tell a better story than my photographs (as my camera is very slow and outdated and I never happen to click a picture at the right moment).

I am posting one picture that I had clicked of two kids playing on the beach and I really liked it.


Studio at the Farm said...

Hi Prabal. Your sketches are very strong and definitive. Your watercolor of the sunset is divine!!! Infinitely better than a camera. :)

Sandra Busby said...

Your sketches are absolutely beautiful, far nicer than photographs could ever be. What a lovely post! And beautiful sketches :-)

Mike said...

Nice blog, Prabal.
Your beach scene with the sunset is far better than any photograph. the water and sand are superb.
Mike from inland Australia.

Pat said...

Love the freshness and the mood you've captured in your sketches! Well done. I'm looking forward to seeing which you make into full size paintings.