Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ceramic Painting

I had recently found this place called Claytopia in Bangalore, where you can go and buy a ceramic item (not fully fired), paint it and then get it fired. Recently I had been there and painted a plate, which later would turn into a wall plaque. I painted the face of lord Jagannath enclosed within lotus florets. I blatantly copied the face from a Pattachitra painting. You can see the painting here. I had to go for the lotus florets design because I just could not dare to paint the original.

At Claytopia I was given some water based colours to paint. The ceramic surface is a devil. It soaks up the water from the brush in no time. So there are bound to be many hard edges because of each stroke of the brush for a first time ceramic painter. I was no exception. The colours also become brighter when ther are fired. Here is what I painted. Now it has gone to the kiln and I'll get it back in 7-10 days. Can't wait to see how it looks then.

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