Sunday, September 27, 2009

Misty Morning Walk

This weekend the plan was paint quick. I take 3-4 hours for completing a painting (quarter or half imperial size) in general. The idea was to paint quick, so that there will be some looseness in the final output, less of overdoing and then it will be a good preparation for going plein air. It was PC and I again and venue was PC's house.

It was done from a photo taken by PC while trekking at Kemmangundi. I took just below 2 hours to complete this painting (quarter imperial size). But I still ended up overworking some areas.

p.s. Thanks to PC and his wife for a lovely and really heavy breakfast.


KT said...

Beautiful :) I am gonna follow this blog !!

Prabal said...

Thanks KT. Appreciation is a good motivator always.

pc said...

Prabal, I liked your painting more when it was half done. You had managed to bring in a great feeling of mist and glow.
But eventually the branches covered the sky more than probably you had wanted to.
But as again, You have managed to take a reference add bits from your own imagination to it :)

Prabal said...

PC, Even I loved my painting when it was not 'complete'. In fact thats when it was actually complete. I know I overdid again. By cutting down on the time I think I'll get over it.