Friday, September 25, 2009

Used and Forgotten

used and forgotten
I somehow get attracted to things that people choose to ignore. Old buidings, abandoned cars houses, broken stuff etc etc. This is yet another painting like that. Its a painting of 'used and forgotten' corner. There is a place in everyone's house where people just dump their old things that they have used for years and forget about it. Usually some corner somewhere. And it is not very different when it comes to human beings I guess.

watercolor painting of rust
The picture I used was from the world wide web. There was something new that I tried in this painting and it seemed to work. I wanted to paint rust on the blue tin door. For that I glazed dark to light. Using some burnt amber I painted a random pattern and splattered it here and there. Then after it had dried completely I glazed using cobalt blue. The blue wash had to be done very quick and softly. The final outcome was good enough to look like rust for me.

p.s. The name for the painting I am going with in the last post is "Safe for now" suggested by Mineke.


pc said...

bravo !
well done with the cupboard and of course the rust..

Prabal said...

Thanks PC.

Ajay Patil said...

the galzing results and overall painting is really good

Prabal said...

Ajay, Thanks very much

Ambarish Joshi said...

Really Amazing painting! :)