Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gulmohar walk

Bangalore is the home to one of the best botanical gardens of India in the form of Lalbagh. This is a scene of very early morning at Lalbagh where thousands come for a morning walk or jog or simply just to catch up. I was not so happy with this painting, but my sister liked it a lot.

gulmohar walk at LalbaghTitle - Gulmohar walk
Size - 14 x 19.5 inch
Medium - Watercolor on paper


Arti said...

I also like it, Prabal..gulmohar is my favorite tree!You did justice to the scene...very nice shades.

Manuel Casabranca said...

Hi Prabal, thanks for your comment about my Dam of Minutes landscape.
i also like the light/shade of this gulmohar tree... I don't know about this tree, so I'll study about :-)

Prabha N. said...

Its amazing Prabal! The line-up of reds in lalbagh lake are worth painting!

pc said...

nice capture of light. hint of misty background is also good.
I didn't find a reason not to like this painting :)

Prabal said...

Thanks. I am planning to do more scenes from Lalbagh. Hope I am able to better than this.

Gulmohar trees are very beautiful. Along with the charachteristic red-orange flowers, the trunk and the branches are also very unique.

Prabal said...

I am happy that you liked it. Looks like you have anew blog address. Congratulations.

It was very early morning. There was mist in the background and the light was just begining to get bright.

padmaja said...

Your Gulmohar walk gave me homesickness! It has been a dream project for me to sit in Lalbagh and paint on did a great job on the have used the people to show good perspective, I loved this work!

Anonymous said...

Very nice...I like the morning misty background...The trees are very well done..I also liked the shadows on the walk, with the sunlight coming in!...Kasturi

Crystal Cook said...

It's beautiful Prabal! The way you've painted that wicked awesome tree is NICE. I love the way you've kept the greens and oranges close, but separated. The contrast is gorgeous!

padmaja said...

Thanks for your comment on the Lilies.. oh, we can paint in Lalbagh, when I am in BG next..right now I have to be contented to paint the gulmohar in full bloom that is visible from my kitchen balcony here in Mumbai :-)

Prabal said...

It would be great.. Please let me know when you are in Bangalore next time and hopefully we'll have a rain free weekend when we can paint outdoors.

Thank you so much for liking this..

Prabal said...

I just loved the way you said 'wicked awesome tree'. Thats so much rock and roll. :)
Thanks for noticing and liking the contrast..

Art with Liz said...

Hi there Prabal. I love the colours and the composition in this great little painting! What a beautiful tree and you've caught those shadows perfectly.

r garriott said...

So inviting! what a wonderful place and you've captured it so well. The pattern of the pathway shadows is delightful.

Prabal said...

You are always so sweeeeeet.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving beautiful comments for me.

Vinayak said...

Lovely work man! I especially like the reds in the gulmohar trees and the smooth shadows on the walkway.
Great job.

Gary Keimig said...

nice job Prabal. You have captured a feel of being in a pleasant place. Where one would enjoy a stroll along that walkway.

Prabal said...

Thanks for the comment.

Nice to have your comment here. Thanks for visiting and I am glad you liked this work.

Sparrowhawk said...

Prabal the shadows are fabulous. You have captured the essence of morning walk in the picture perfectly. My first visit to your blog...happy to be a follower.

Anonymous said...

Hi prabal

Saw all your paintings...excellent works

keep going :)


aruna singh said...

Beautiful painting ...i shared it on my facebook .