Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Some opaque colors for a change....

Irrigation - Opaque colors on tinted sheetTitle - Irrigation
Size - 14 x 11 (inch)
Medium - Opaque colors on tinted sheet


padmaja said...

A nice change to use opaque colors, isn' it? The composition has come out well. The reflections could have been subtler and a tinge of green could have been added to the water.. just my thoughts :-)

Crystal Cook said...

Very nice Prabal! I love the way the directional feel of this painting. And your use of opaque colors is way cool, nice way to mix it up!

Prabal said...

Even I was not happy with the reflections.. But yes using opaque once in a while is a good break.. It gives a lot of freedom and has an inherent expressive nature..

I love the way you always notice the feel of the painting... I am waiting for the boy's portrait to be over..

pc said...

the reflection have come out really really well !
The white brush-work in the green field seems little disturbing to me.
But overall, it's brilliant.

Arti said...

Treatment of water is very well done,indeed.The perspective is interesting,too.Good one, prabal.

Prabal said...

I tried to suggest some blades of the paddy(light green) and the water seen through the paddy (white). But guess I did not get it right..

Thanks for the comment..

Gold Finch said...

Hello Prabal such a complex irrigation system that you have captured. I have just noticed the little shelter in stilts in the background it is not dissimilar to such a shelter I have seen on one of Paulraj's paintings.

Prabal said...

Gold Finch,
Such irrigation systems are common in some parts of India.. And the shelter is actually very common. And it feels great that you got reminded of Paulraj painting by this one..

Liana Yarckin said...

i love seeing the things that are different about your country in your paintings. i am learning via your beautiful watercolors. i have been to bali. i took lots of photos, but, only painted one so far. maybe i will try one for you.

Prabal said...

We always keep learning a little about each other's way of life through our paintings.. I just love this fact about artist's blogs. I'll wait for your your second painting on Bali..