Thursday, May 6, 2010


I just can get over my new Indian yellow tube...

RushTitle - Rush
Size - 14 inch x 12.5 inch
Medium - watercolor on paper


Art with Liz said...

If that's what you can do with Indian Yellow, I just have to try it. Beautiful Prabal.

Watch out! SA are improving!

Arti said...

Its very beautiful, Prabal.I had some of the same kind of photos of Kempty Falls in Mussoorie..but I found them too bland to did a good job!

Prabal said...

I used the same triad as my Konark temple painting.. Indian yellow, Indian Red and Ultramarine blue..Its working well..

India is losing to Australia and I cant watch the match any further. :(
SA did well yesterday..

Prabal said...

I have been to Kempty falls some times. I was studying in Dehradun that time.. This is the first time I painted a waterfall.. I realized that it has an inherent beauty and in general when painted it looks good. You should give Kempty falls a try..

Kathy said...

Hi Prabal, so you used Indian red, indian indian blue. lol. I still think this is you standng by the waterfall. Very nicely done.

Vinayak said...

Very well done. The pose of the figure is very striking. Reminds of of "Undaunted Microcosm" b Edgar Whitney in his book on watercolour that I had the good fortune to go through in our college library.
Best wishes

Crystal Cook said...

That is seriously cool Prabal. I love the water and those birds. Beautiful!

Prabal said...

I will invent a blue and name it Indian blue.. :) And since you are convinced that that person is me, let it be so.. I'll change his name from Indiana Jones to Indian Prabal. :)

Prabal said...

I just searched the net for that book you talked about. Looks like a great book. You are indeed lucky to have had it in your library..
My college library was one of the biggest in Asia, but it was a technical library.. :)

You got the right word for it.. Even I thought it was cool. :)