Friday, May 14, 2010

Odissi enchantment

Here is the painting finally. This has been a great challenge for me. I had to be spot on in all the technical details of the posture (Tribhang), Mudra, costume, jewellery, expression etc. and had to capture the essence of this beautiful dance form. And being a person who does mostly landscapes it was a big ask. It took me 2 sittings to finish it.

Odissi dance is originally a devotional dance form which used to be performed for lord Jagannath. Even now whenever a Odissi performance is done a wooden statue of lord Jagannath is placed on the stage and the dancer performs only after seeking his blessings. The statue of lord Jagannath is very unique and a pair of circular eyes are enough to depict him. The circular eye in my painting gives completeness to the essence of the dance form.

watercolor painting of Odissi dancerTitle - Odissi Enchantment
Size - 18 x 12 inch
Medium - Watercolor on paper


Roopika said...

Prabal, I'm not much of a classical dance enthusiast - but this painting's caught my eye for sheer energy and grace! Thanks for sharing :)

Michelle Smith said...

Prabal, You have done a fantastic job! Great color, shadows and a very interesting painting.

Facts of Life said...

Prabal, Its fantastic!I have seen many Odissi performances, as one of my cousins is an Odissi dancer..and your painting looks real. I liked your sketches too, and the fact that you read up about them for your homework. keep it up!...Kasturi

padmaja said...

Prabal, she has evolved as a very graceful dancer, much justice done to this fabulous dance.. I love the yellow ochre and vermillion combination.. some enchantment!

Art with Liz said...

Wow Prabal, you say you are a landscape painter but these last two prove that you are also a figure painter. Wonderful story and a wonderful painting.

PS Will you be watching the final today???

Prabal said...

I am so happy that through my work I have been able to make you take notice of this dance form.

Thanks a lot.. Howz cocking going on??

Prabal said...

Its great to know that your cousin is an Odissi dancer. I read up a bit as I did not want to do any kind of injustice to the dance that can be traced back to 1st century BC.

Thank you very much. I have actually used Indian yellow which is very similar to ochre.

Prabal said...

I just tried to do something figurative. It seems to have worked. :)

I watched the semis. The first one was boring, but the second one was some match.. Hussey was just too great that day.. Planning to watch the finals.. I guess Aussies will win.

Crystal Cook said...

Prabal this is so beautiful! I love it. Two sittings? Sheesh, you should be very proud of that fact. It looks magnificent. Do you know I typically paint my portraits in at least three sittings? Beautiful work my good friend.

pc said...

wow !
great concept and equally well executed !

Prabal said...

The way you capture emotions along with other things like light etc of course is just amazing. And you just take 3 sittings.. Thats amazing again. Thanks for liking this work.

Thanks for liking the concept most of all.

Arti said...

Great job, Prabal.Background is quite interesting,too!

Mari Clara said...

Bonjour Prabal!!!!
Je trouve magnifique ton travail.
Bonne journée

Sadia Hussain said...

Prabal you've moved away from your usual landscapes and I must say this is a great attempt!
Very nicely captured moves and expression!

Prabal said...

Thank you.. The background is a bit spiritual..

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and liking my work.

Yes I did something different and I am glad that you liked it too.

Syamesvari said...

This is great!! I love the detail of Lord Jaganath's eye in the background!! It so perfectly captures the essence of Odissi:)
I am an Odissi dancer, and I would love to use this artwork in a blogpost, with your permission. Let me know!!