Friday, February 1, 2013

Let myself loose... finally

The paintings that I have made so far this year have been done in as many as ten to twelve sittings because of my back pain. I have painted for not more than fifteen minutes in a stretch which is not the way I paint. I guess thats why they were a little stiff and I was not really happy about it. Finally for this one I took three sittings as there was not much of drawing to be done and the composition was simple. I also did not do any initial study for this. Just wanted to paint spontaneously and loose. And I am happy with the way I painted. I guess the outcome is also not bad.

Have a happy weekend everyone. :)

Lunch @ Om beach (Gokarna - VI)
22 x 15 inch

p.s. With a new treatment that I have started back seems to be getting better.


Jona said...

I really like your paintings and especialy how well you are able to create light in them.
I'm still struggling with that with no evident result.
May I ask you for a tip how do you create "sunlight"? When I leave white paper on some spots in a painting it just looks white, not like light that shines...

Nice greetings,

hmuxo said...

This is so beautiful, with all your paintings, I love the light hitting this piece. The leaves, umbrellas..all perfect. I'm so glad you're feeling better. When you feel tired, listen to your body.

Studio at the Farm said...

Prabal, it is superb!!! I love how you have the paper divided almost halfway, with all the color and activity above and the stark cement and rocks below. I am sorry to hear your back is still giving you grief. Do take care, Prabal!

Pat said...

Not bad? Its a gorgeous work! I'd be happy if mine were half as good as this!

I'm also pleased to hear your back is showing signs of improvement. xx

Blaga said...

The painting is gorgeous, Prabal! The contrasts of light and shade are so beautiful.
I'm sorry to hear about your problems with your back. Having the same issue right now, I can literally feel your pain. Hopefully, the treatment helps you.

Sandra Busby said...

I'm so sorry that you still have so much trouble with your back pain. It must be so draining!
But it really doesn't show in your paintings - this is gorgeous :0)

Crystal Cook said...

I'm really glad that your back is feeling better, or at least starting to. You are way too young to be having back pain!! I do think that this piece seems more 'free' than your other ones, but maybe part of that was because of the mood you were in? I think that when we think we create less than we would like we do. Self fullfilling prophecy and all that.

But this is just gorgeous! I love the colors you get in the shadows.

PS one of these days I'd like to send you some real cookies instead of just virtual ones. But until then this will have to do *here, have some cookies to make you feel better* :D

Elixir of life said...

It's hard to believe that you are self taught.. u sure posses talent ! cheers!!