Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tractor - II

Here is Tractor - II. Trying to capture that haze again. But this time its just not there. Was too conscious of everything when I went ahead with the painting and was not really painting from heart. I was painting from my mind. But anyway I thought I'll share the entire series with you all, even if I dont like it. And also the sketches that preceded it. Hope you enjoy the process at least. :)

Tractor - II
11 x 15 inch

WC sketch


Sandra Busby said...

It's odd because I DO get the feeling of a hot, hazy day! It's lovely Prabal :0)

KARLITOS said...

It's interesting for me the process of the painting .What pitty about the haze . A hug.

Studio at the Farm said...

That is brave of you to show the ones you felt didn't work. I agree with you - Tractor I really portrays the scene more beautifully.

Pat said...

It does have a very different feel - to me its as if a tropical storm is brewing and we are seeing the blurry rain that precedes the out and out storm.
Sometimes paintings do come out differently than the image we hold in our head. I think its not because of a lack of skill, but sometimes the 'other' painting wants to be painted! xx

Crystal Cook said...

So beautiful Prabal. :) I for one don't understand why you don't love it?! It looks perfect to me. but I know the feeling all to well. I really like that thumbnail too, such strong values.

hmuxo said...

I think you captured the hazy day beautifully, Prabal...I like it very much!!!