Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mysore Trip - Post I

The first post from much hyped Mysore trip is here.:)
More posts will follow soon.

Date - 29 March 2014
Time - 11:30 (approx)

Though we had planned to start for Mysore early in the morning, we could start only by 8:00. By 11:00 AM we had reached Srirangapatna, which is around 20 kms before Mysore. As it is a historic city we decided to stop there and check if we could paint there. The sun was already very harsh and after cooling ourselves with some tender coconut water (which was really very sweet and refreshing) we found this arch, which is actually the entrance to Srirangapatna city. We took shelter below a tree and decided to paint there.

The subject was great and both of us were really excited to paint. It all went well till we started putting paint on paper. The heat was so powerful, that by the time we went back to a wash with more paint, it would already be dry. It was a huge challenge to paint that way. To add to our woes the sun had gone around the tree and hence the shade also was gone. So we decided to move with unfinished works.

After I was back, I looked at the painting, evaluated it and then completed it as the memory was still fresh in my mind and I had already got the major shapes in place in the painting. Hopefully you'll be able to feel some of the sunlight through this work.

Have a great week ahead. Will be back with the next post in a few days time.

Plein air @ Srirangapatna 29 March 2014
14 x 10 inch

This is what I had managed at the location.

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Studio at the Farm said...

It is beautiful, Prabal! I am amazed at how much good and detailed work you do en plein air. I almost cannot imagine my painting anywhere other than my desk. :)