Thursday, April 10, 2014

One more post before Mysore posts

I know I should be posting works from Mysore trip. I have created so much hype about it already. LOL. But I guess you'll have to bear with me for just one more post. I am analyzing those works, correcting them and in some cases completing them as they could not be completed on the spot. I'll post them real soon. Till then here are two more plein air works, which I painted on 16 March at RMZ Infinity Food court.

I'll be back really soon with works from Mysore trip.

Plein Air @ RMZ Infinity 16 March 2014 - II
14 x 10 inch

Plein Air @ RMZ Infinity 16 March 2014 - III
10 x 14 inch


Sandra Busby said...

These are both really lovely Prabal, and the bottom one very different for you! :0)

Fine Art and you said...

This work is really superb :) nice use of colors :) keep in touch