Monday, April 14, 2014

Mysore Trip - Post II

Date - 29 March 2014
Time - 5:30 PM

After a paint over at Srirangapatna we headed to Mysore. It took us sometime to find a decent hotel at reasonable price. By the time we checked in and got ready for our Mysore adventure it was around 4:00 PM. Our hotel was close to the Mysore palace and many of the landmark and historic buildings were just a walk away from there. So we just decided to explore a little. What we did not realize was that in our excitement we had failed to notice the heat. After an hour of exploration we stopped near the palace. Madhu was very exhausted and had a head ache. I was quite tired too. So we decided to just sit there and sketch a little.

As I was sketching the famous horse carts of Mysore the market area in front of me was catching my eye time and again. But as the sun was about to set I decided not to paint it as it would take some time. But then in a rush of blood I just decided to go with it. I painted this scene without stepping back even once to look at it. It was painted in flat 30 mins and I was delighted with the outcome.

The sun had already set by that time and I returned to the hotel energized all over again.

To be continued...

Plein Air @ Mysore 29 March 2014
10 x 14 inch

Carts. The scene I painted was towards the left of this place.


Sandra Busby said...

I am not good at sketching outside in the heat Prabal, so I admire you for doing it anyway! Great work! :0)

Studio at the Farm said...

Thirty minutes??? I am most impressed, Prabal! :)

Vinayak Deshmukh said...

The scene has come out very well. So spontaneous! Great job. :)