Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mysore Trip Post - VI

Date - 31st March 2014
Time - 4:30 PM

Mysore trip had ended. We were on our way back. I really did not want it to end. But all good things come to end anyway. Well thats what we thought. We took a detour to Bangalore University campus (which is about 15kms odd from Bangalore CBD) for a small break. And as the campus was nice we thought we could end our trip by sketching a little. As we were searching for a spot this coconut seller with his stack of coconuts caught my eye. I really loved the way light was creating a nice atmosphere around them. So immediately my paper and brushes were out.

We did not have much time as it was soon going to be dark. I was painting as fast as I could with leftover colors mostly and this was completed in 20 minutes only. And incidentally I liked it. 

So finally the trip ended with a piece that I liked. Waiting for the next trip now..

Plein air @ Bangalore University
10 x 14 inch


KARLITOS said...

I think it is a lovely sketch . Congratulations .

Sandra Busby said...

It's gorgeous Prabal!
I wish we could grow coconuts over here... We get cherry pickers instead, lol! :0)

hmuxo said...

Another beautiful watercolor, Prabal! Congratulations...