Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mysore Trip Post - IV

Date - 30 March
Time - 12:00 PM

After painting at St Philomena's Church the plan was to go to the most famous landmark in Mysore; Mysore Palace. At the gate we were informed that we need permission to paint inside the palace campus. So we went to the palace management office to get permission. After obtaining permission from the palace management office and security officer we finally found a spot and settled down to paint. And it was already mid day and pretty hot. Thankfully we found a well shaded place from where we could paint.

But the challenge of painting at this heritage location was far from over. What a difficult subject it was. It was just not getting simplified for a watercolor. Little thumbnails were also not helping. Nevertheless I decided to go ahead and paint and this is what I ended up with.

As a stand alone piece this is not really great. But considering the massive subject I had in front of me I think it is still a success in its own way.

En Plein Air at Mysore Palace
10 x 14 inch


Sandra Busby said...

Wow! So complex and yet you have captured it is such effortless brush strokes! Genius! :0)

Meera Rao said...

Visiting your blog after a long while and enjoying your sketches and paintings of hampi, ram nagar and Mysore - all are fantastic. I have spent two summers in Mysore and have two journals full of sketches of street life and daily experiences - but never had the time to go to any of the heritage sites for photos oe painting :( I like your impression of the palace - a very complicated architecture to capture on paper!