Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sketchbook time

I have not painted anything after the small sunset painting I posted in my last post. So I thought of sharing a few pages from my sketchbook with you. 

Since a few months I have been using normal notebooks (spiral bound ones) for sketching. Reasons being
1. They come in variety of sizes to choose from
2. They are easier to carry around 
3. They are much cheaper

I am finding these better for sketching, because they are very portable. You can not do WC wash on it, but it works well with pen, pencil, charcoal etc. Most of these sketches are done quickly as they have been done live. Hope you enjoy them. 

In the next post I'll post some WC sketches, which should be more interesting. Till then take care and stay well.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sketches from Gokarna Trip

Last weekend I was at Gokarna with a few of my friends. Gokarna is a small seaside town on the west coast of India. We stayed bang on Kudle beach. It was one of the most peaceful beaches I have seen and hence it was fabulous. We stayed there for the weekend only and I felt it was just too short a stay. While playing beach football, trekking from one beach to other, sea bathing, hogging, visiting famous temples I manged to squeeze some time out and do some sketches. 

On Saturday evening we witnessed a very beautiful sunset. While I was soaking up the amazing sunset I realized I did not have my camera. So I just tried to memorize everything that was creating the mood. The tones, colors, shapes, edges etc. When I got back I did a quick WC sketch of the sunset. 

I have got some photos all right. But still I am posting these sketches for you as I think they tell a better story than my photographs (as my camera is very slow and outdated and I never happen to click a picture at the right moment).

I am posting one picture that I had clicked of two kids playing on the beach and I really liked it.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


This is the fifth painting in my Kodaikanal series. After painting 3 water scenes I really did not want to paint water again, though I had already done a study on another lake scene. I chanced upon this picture which was taken by a friend (The human figure was not there in the picture) during our Kodaikanal trip. I really loved the feel of this with lots of mist all around and a general calmness prevailing everywhere. So the water scene has to wait. :)

Last weekend I went for a double concert. Sitar concert by Ustaad Rais Bale Khan and Hafiz Bale Khan, which was then topped by Kathak dance performance by Pandit Rajendra Gagnani. It was pure awesomeness. Especially the Kathak section. It was just mind blowing to watch someone of around 60 years of age dance with that vigor and that grace for about 1 hour. It was also motivating as one could easily realize the amount of practice, discipline and patience that would have gone into making him such a great dancer.

Anyway I'll leave you here. Have a great time till we meet next time. :)

Break (KKNL-V)
22 x 15 inch
Watercolor on paper

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kodaikanal series continues

Latest 2 paintings from my Kodaikanal series are here. Struggled quiet a bit with these. Painting water can be very daunting at (most) times. Both paintings are of the same location by the way.

Have a great weekend. And Happy Deepavali to all my friends in advance.

Misty Kodai (KKNL III)

Daybreak @ Kodai (KKNL - IV)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kodaikanal - II

This is the second of the Kodaikanal series (Since I have more than one painting now I can call it a series safely. LOL). We were boating on the lake and the sun was playing hide and seek. There was this one moment during which the lake was under shadow, but the adjoining hill was lit up by sun light. I loved that and wanted to capture that feel here. It was tough. Hopefully I managed to do it.

Hide and Seek - KKNL series II
20 x 26 inch
Watercolor on paper