Tuesday, June 6, 2017

IIT Kharagpur En Plein Air Project

Its been a long cherished dream of mine to go and paint my Alma mater Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagput (IIT KGP) on location. And finally its going to come true and how!

A documentary is going to be shot around this whole process of capturing IIT KGP en plein air. Here is a teaser that was made last month and the shooting is schedules for July-August later this year. And to say that I am excited will be an understatement.

Please watch the teaser below.

However to make the film funds are needed. And hence we need your support. You can support this project in 2 ways.

1. By getting sponsorship - There are different levels of sponsorship one can go for. The details are in the table below.

Sponsor Type Screen Time Maximum Sponsors Pricing
Presenting Sponsor
  2s + 2s with associate sponsors
  1 nos
INR 3,00,000.00
Associate Sponsor
  2s along with presenting sponsor
  2 nos
INR 2,00,000.00
  2s along with all co-sponsors
  5 nos
INR 1,00,000.00
  2s along with all partners
  10 nos
INR 50,000.00

2. By pledging to purchase a Canvas Prints of the paintings that will be produced - You can pledge a canvas print now. When the paintings are done, you can choose a painting and make the payment. We'll get the print (Unframed Canvas Prints of approximately 2 ft x 3 ft size including borders for framing) and send it to you. The cost of the print is as below.

Cost Per print Shipping and Handling Charges
                 Indian Location
                  Foreign Location
INR 5,000.00 / USD 100.00
             INR 500.00 / USD 10.00
              INR 1,500.00 / USD 30.00

I am really hoping for you to come forward and show your support for this ambitious and never done before project.