Thursday, January 24, 2013

Getting Better

Hi. Thank you all so much for your wishes. I am slowly recovering. But ever so slowly. Sometime its causing a little anxiety, but otherwise I am doing well. So again not much of painting. This painting was completed in many shifts as compared to my usual one or two.

For the information of people in and around Bangalore, Chaitrasanthe, the annual art fair will commence this Sunday at Kumarkrupa road. Its a one day event where more than 1000 artists will be displaying and selling their work. Though I have booked a stall, I'll not be able to participate due to my back injury. I am going to miss it this year. But make sure that you dont miss it. :)

p.s. Since someone asked I must come out now. I got the slip disc while I was playing football (soccer). I know I know..I should have respected my age. :)

Daily Affair (Gokarna - V)
22 x 15 inch

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Getting back.. gradually

Hi there. My 2013 started with a bang. Literally. I managed to gift myself a slip disc early this year. Which meant I was bed ridden for a good time. Right now I am undergoing treatment and it will take a good amount of time to heal. Which in turn means I am not able to paint as much as I would like to. And not painting outdoors is a certainty now for a few weeks at least.

Anyway I have managed to a painting while all this has been happening. Hope you like it.

Strolling In Gokarna (Gokrana - IV)
22 x 15 inch

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy new year

Wish you all a really great 2013. Hope you all grow even more this year.

I was on a vacation for two weeks and hence you could see no posts from me during this time. Moreover I too missed most of your posts. However whenever possible I had a glance at your blogs to find out what you were up to. And unlike me I find that most of you have been up to something or the other. I have not painted for about 20 days now. Feel very rusty. What I am posting now are three paintings of last year which I could not post. All three are beach scenes. The paintings are the first three of my Gokarna series. A few more will follow soon (whenever I pick up my brushes again. :)). Till then take care and have a great weekend.

Day end @ Kudle (Gokarna - III)
11 x 15 inch

Stepping out of Kudle (Gokarna - II)
15 x 22 inch

Stepping on to Om beach (Gokarna - I)
11 x 15 inch