Friday, August 30, 2013

Mixed Feelings

This painting is 'inspired' from Trinity circle, Bangalore. I say inspired because I have changed the shape of the church, I have changed the archway at the entrance into two pillars. And I have removed all the trees that cover most part of the church. I first did a painting which was close to the original place. But I really did not like it and changed it to something very different. So I say inspired. :)

In Bangalore the weather is some what like English weather for half the year. It can rain anytime and then in no time you can have clear skies. I have tried to capture that transient time here. There are two different moods in the painting. One in the background and one in the foreground. Thats why I call it mixed feelings. :)

Anyway I hope all of you are keeping well and have a great weekend.

Mixed Feelings
22 x 15 inch

Saturday, August 24, 2013

In the memory of...

Bangalore is the home to National military memorial. And as soon as you enter the gate there is magnificent sculpture dedicated to the soldiers, who have laid down their lives in different wars in the history of India. Not only the sculpture is magnificent, the subject itself is so emotional, that while painting it I was quiet skeptical. But anyhow I managed to complete it. 

I am doing quiet a bit of sketching this weekend. Hopefully you all are having a great sketchy/painty/arty weekend too. :)

In the Memory of...
22 x 15 inch

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sketchbook again

I thought of sharing some more sketches with you from my sketchbook. All these sketches are done either sitting in cafes, parks or even standing on the roadside. 

To be honest I never really liked sketching so much. I used to do it as a mandatory thing to really improve on my painting. But I must confess that gradually I have started enjoying it quiet a bit. Hopefully you enjoy these sketches too. :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sketchbook time

Hi there. Its been long since I posted anything from my sketchbook. I know many of you out there love to get a peek into other artist's sketchbooks. I too always look forward to it. 

These two sketches were done yesterday (15th August, Independence day of India) at a coffee shop. While I was sketching the gentleman below he realized in quick time that he was being sketched and exclaimed to me 'Oh looks like I am being sketched'! I dont know why but for a moment I felt like a thief who has been caught red handed by the police. But being a nice person he was he gave a nod for me to continue. Other sketches were just gesture studies of people who did not realize they were being sketched. :)

While I was just cleaning up my book shelf I found this abstract doodle I had done about 12-13 years back. Completely meaning less doodle, but thought it would be an interesting post.

Have a happy weekend everyone.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Three weeks back I had gone to sketch in Military memorial with my sketching group. I did not get much time there as I had other plans for the day. However I made some study sketches of this old train engine that was kept on display. Back in studio I did this small painting. 

I really dont do much of such paintings whereby I am painting an object or in other words still life (Though this is huge I guess it still qualifies to be a still life in natural setup :)). So its always challenging for me. Compared to landscapes where the mood is what I am striving for, here I am unclear about what is that I must strive for. Is it the light, the textures, the details... I really dont know. So I just go with the flow. And sometimes because of that the final output comes out completely unexpected.

What do you do when you are unclear. I would like to hear from you.

Have a great week ahead.

11 x 15 inch