Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Last of the Hampi series

I had to paint those temples if I was painting Hampi. I did a triptych (Officially my first one). I should have used warmer hues to stay true to the colors of the stones at Hampi. But I decided to go for the mood, which I could achieve in grays only. I had a choice between story telling and being true the physical appearance. As usual I chose the former.

I hope you enjoy these.


Triptych - Elements of Hampi : Earth I, II and III
24 x 12 inch each

Monday, May 5, 2014

Back to Hampi

Its back to Hampi again.

There were a few places and time in Hampi where I just got disconnected completely from my present world and was lost in the mysterious beauty of Hampi. I wanted to get that feeling in the paintings. So I deviated a little from my representational style and went more into a fantasy kind of style to see what can happen. And this is what happened. I hope you enjoy these.

Surreal Hampi I - Fields
10 x 14 inch

Surreal Hampi II - Vertigo
10 x 14 inch