Tuesday, July 28, 2015

At the Railway Station

The last time I painted in a railway station was probably before two years. There is something about the nature of railway stations that is always so interesting to paint. I really cant point what exactly it is. May be its the sound of a train approaching the station or leaving it, the burst in noise levels when a train arrives. People having reached their destination or people trying to get to their destinations. The hawkers becoming very active upon the arrival of a train and then just waiting for the next one. The wide open spaces, the wires hanging in parallel to the tracks which seem to be moving somehow. Whatever it is there is always so many interesting things happening in a railway station. 
After a long time I returned to the station and enjoyed myself absolutely. 

Plein air at Lingaraj Station 5th July 2015
14 x 10 inch

Plein air at Macheswar Station 18h July 2015
10 x 14 inch